Sensory, Cognitive, and Affective Neurodevelopment

 Welcome to the UCLA SCAN Lab! 

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Our Research

The SCAN lab uses multiple approaches (neuroimaging, psychophysiology, and behavioral assessments) to understand the mechanisms underlying atypical sensory processing across different clinical and high-risk groups. We are also testing potential interventions that can target these mechanisms. We hope that our research will provide insight into the development of more personalized and effective treatments to improve the quality of life for individuals with sensory processing challenges. For a more detailed description of our current projects check out the research page!



Dr. Shulamite Green awarded the Young Investigators Grant by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation   

Dr. Shula Green was recently awarded the Young Investigators Grant by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF). The BBRF awarded over $10.3 million in Young Investigators Grants to 150 of the world’s most promising young mental health scientists. The grants, awarded annually, support the work of early investigators with innovative ideas for groundbreaking neurobiological research seeking to identify causes, improve treatments, and develop prevention strategies for psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Shulamite Green awarded the Slifka-Ritvo Innovation in Autism Research Award

The Alan B. Slifka Foundation supports innovative research on autism spectrum disorder that will lead to novel treatments and improvements in the quality of life of individuals with autism. Dr. Green's award will allow us to test the effects of a novel intervention on the biological mechanisms underlying sensory over-responsivity in children with autism.